Even a goddess has a bad day

A bad day

I am having a bad day. Maybe because it is Monday. Monday never seems to be a good day. Its not because something bad has happened. I just feel more vulnerable today. More on edge. And then I went to a lecture about being a relative to a very sick person. It was a good lecture. An important subject. But It opened up something in me.

One bad thing I tend to do when I am down, is eating a lot of junk. It might make me feel a little better. But only a very short time. Then I feel worse. I am eating to soothe my feelings. And it is a bad cycle. Because I keep eating to feel better again. And then feel bad for eating to much.

I can wallow in the dark, or I can work on returning to the light. By doing something that is good for me. Watch a fun movie, read a good book or listen to music. Smile and take a deep breath, or several. Funny how smiling can help. Change my focus to something good. By doing something. Clean my appartment or doing the dishes. I feel better when my appartment is nice and tidy.

Have a wonderful evening.

Kærlig hilsen fra den blonde gudinde.

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