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What did I do in 2020

Like a lot of us. I stayed home most of the year due to covid. But if I make a list over some of the things I did, then the year does not seem soo bad.

  1. Went on vacation to Cancuun Mexico to visit a friend. Loved it!
  2. Online shopping. Too much. Probably bought a hole new wardrobe. Yes, I am a shopaholic. Please someone take my creditcards away from me:)
  3. Cooking more than I have ever done before. Trying new recipes like chicken meatballs. And made for the first time ever my own Pesto.
  4. Took online courses. Tried to learn chineese. Still trying…
  5. Made a 3 tier weddingcake for a colleague. Big challenge. But loved it, and the result was amaizing.
  6. Worked too much.
  7. Did not play enough golf. 2021 is so going to be a better golfyear.
  8. Ate too much cake and candy. But life is not perfect. But chocolate makes it better.
  9. Tried not to be soo hard on myself. Still trying. But it is a work in progress.
  10. Read too many romance books. I am a romatic after all.

Something I know is that life is about personal development. And it should never stop. Never stop learning about the world we live in and the person you are. Or the person you are trying to become. That is my goal for the rest of my life.

Love from the blond goddess

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