Men !

Single is not a bad word

Yes, I am still single. My friends say: how is that possible, a wonderful woman like you?. The honest answer is I don´t know. I don´t think that I am a high maintenance woman. Maybe I just haven´t met the right person yet. I have had relationships. But except one long one, the rest have been short ones. Society expect you to marry and have children. Especially my parents generation. It almost feels like there is something wrong with me, because I am single. But that is not true. I will not give into negative thoughts about not being good enough. I won´t waste my time on that. And it is not bad to be single. I choose what I want to do with my time. I can fully concentrate on myself and bettering my self. But I do miss having a boyfriend. So I have tried several online dating sites. The problem is that you just don´t know if there is any chemistry, until you meet the person. And after many bad dates and disappointments I have decided to take a break from online dating sites. And try real life. Go out and meet new people and see what happens. And work on the relationship that is the most important one in my life. My relationship with myself. Even though it is a cliché, it is true. Love from the Blond Goddess

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