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Passion for knowledge (Food)

It´s fun, when I get interested in something. I can use hours reading, researching and watching YouTube videos about it.

In the beginning of this year it was Japanese food. I have read that people in Japan are the healthiest people in the world due to their diet. So of course I had to try traditional Japanese food.

But oh no, not by going to a restaurant. I wanted to learn to make it myself. I ordered a cookbook about it. Saw videos on YouTube, and made a list over things I needed to buy. Thank god for internet shopping:) and small special shops. And of course I learned to use chopsticks to eat with.

And after the quarantine startet, i startet trying to cook a lot of Japanese food. One homepage i really have used is

The first thing I made was a traditional Japanese breakfast with Tamagoyaki (eggpancake), rice with nori (seaweed) and Miso soup with tofu. I loved it! So I made this kind of breakfast a lot in the beginning.

Some other recipes I have tried are Gomaye (Spinach with sesame), Chicken with panko.

I even bought a bento lunchbox and had fun decorating riceballs like cats:)

Love from the Blond Goddess

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