Woman & Goddess

Guilty Pleasures

We all have them. Guilty pleasures. Things we find hard to resist , but also feel guilty about eating.  I have several. But chocolate is my biggest guilty pleasure, and I indulge frequently. Especially Kinder chocolate is my favourite. But most chocolate will do:). Cake is another one. But it must be moist, and preferably with chocolate. Or chocolate mousse. Ok. I love things with chocolate:). I do find it sad, that I can´t eat chocolate without feeling guilty or bad about it. It destroys some of the pleasure. And also my problem is, that I can´t stop just at eating one piece of chocolate. If I have one, I will continue eating chocolate. Maybe someone should invent a chocolate dispenser. I do believe that we must enjoy all the good things in life, without feeling guilty or bad about it. Because life can be hard enough. We just have to try and indulge in a smart way. Maybe once a week or something like that. And promise ourselves, that we will try not to feel guilty about it. Eat slowly so you can enjoy it more. And forget about the calories for once. Love from the Blond Goddess

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