Woman & Goddess

What a crazy year..

But I have tried to use this time in quarantine to work om my self. My inside and my outside.

The year startet soo wonderful with a trip to Mexico to visit an old friend. I barely got home and had a busy couple of weeks before Covid 19 hit Denmark in March. At first I was afraid. The world changed in one day, it felt like. I was afraid to become sick. I was afraid to lose my mother and other people to this illness. It took a couple of weeks, before I got accustomed to this new world. To the new normal.

I am blessed, that I can work from home. And being so much at home, I need to do something else than watch the news all the time, or I´ll go mad:) So I have done a lot of small and big projects. I will soon tell you more about them. And my trip to Mexico.

Love from the blond goddess

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