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Summer has arrived, and I am loving it 🙂 My apartment is a mess at the moment, due to I am having a new kitchen installed. I have to ignore the mess, and look forward to when the kitchen is done. Then I can clean the whole apartment.

I love to take small breaks during the day, where I stop and feel the summer wind and heat. Just breathing it in, and enjoying it.

My cat had a bath yesterday, and besides me still being alive after giving him a bath:). He is totally ignoring me at the moment. I know that you can´t bathe a cat to often. But he was a mess and since he is a Norwegian Forrest cat, his long fur really needed a bath.

Not much holiday for me this summer. I prefer to travel during the winter. That’s when I need it the most. Besides I love summer in Denmark. Everything is green and in bloom. I take my camera with me to catch the beautiful nature around me.

Love from the blond goddess

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