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Remember to take care of yourself

In this busy world, I sometimes feel like I am running on a road and all the time trying to avoid things coming at me. With my addiction to social media, work, being updated all the time and never being able to say no to things, I have a busy life. But my body and mind sometimes forces me to stop and take better care of my self. The older I have gotten, the better I know myself. Still there are many things I want to do. And sometimes it becomes to much for me. It is not bad to have many things to do. Just don´t forget to find time to relax and breathe. Stop a little and feel life. The wonderful world we live in. And remember it is ok, that you can´t do everything at once. So take care of yourself. Do something that is good for you. And I don´t mean eat a lot of chocolate (only sometimes:)) Eat healthy, get some exercise (take a walk), put on some music that you love. Watch a movie that makes you laugh. Spend time with people you love. Spend time with yourself, just relaxing and enjoying being alone. Do what makes you happy and give yourself a break from the world. Because when it comes down to it. You are the best person to take care of yourself.

Love from the Blond Goddess

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