Hello world!

We women are all amazing, unique and different. We are all goddesses. Even though we don´t always believe it. Believe in ourselves. Fighting with low self-esteem, weight problems, problem with men etc. In my opinion it is just sad, that we waste so much time with focus on the negative things in life. When life is just so much better, when you focus on the positive things. I know it is easier to think negative thoughts instead of positive. Believe me, I have fought with it for years. Some may wonder why I call myself a goddess. For me being a goddess doesn’t mean that I am supernatural or very strong. We all have dark and light in us. When I call myself a goddess I just mean that I think that I am amazing as the woman I am. And that I choose to accept both the dark and the light in myself. Loving myself. Even the days when life is more dark than light.   With this website and blog, I hope to inspire other women to think more positive about themselves. By telling about my life, my thoughts and things that inspire med. Welcome to the goddess club all wonderful women in the world. Love from the Blond Goddess

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